Secrétariat of Administrative Public Information et de la Préservation

LKI/UCUM/- Zepǻlz



BY ORDER OF The Hāliġ IMPÉRIAL COUNCILS des Secrétariat of l Aministrative Public Information et de la Préservation


calls on its allies as well as the aid of the Revolutionary  Jamahiriya Protection Committee District and LKI, to commences.a district wide, purge. |
under the secretariat directorate.|||\ open is a case of specified under the incarnation documentation of aesthetic and cultural crimes against humanity in its entirety.

For the district of zoneoIRL/ent-...

In the Matter of the Seizure and disposal

                                                                                                          Case No. 00II.,746xw3z

Warrant of Seizure and Disposal Due to Charge of Aesthetic  and culture  Crimes Against Humanity

To: Any authorized SAPIP/RJPC enforcement officer and citizens at large of QUEBÉKISTANZ

An application by a Holy law enforcement officer or an attorney for the Committee requests the seizure and Disposal of the following personal or property located in the District of---

YOU ARE COMMANDED to execute this warrant on or before 2am solciedz. 13th. 7530.

to the person from whom, or from whose premises, the property was taken, or leave the copy and receipt at the place where the property was taken.

The officer executing this warrant, or an officer present during the execution of the warrant, must prepare a report to the Magistrate. ans SAPIP

Date and time issued: Févblurrary. 4th/2174/10am.

City and state: zoneoIRL/ent-the hypr-real

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